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Micro Well Chip

▶ 제품 설명

    - Micro well chip은 한 번에 대량의 바이오 정보를 신속하고 정확하게 

      분석 할 수 있는 고집적 분석기술(High-throughput screening)로 만들어진 

      Bio-chip의 종류 중 하나입니다.

      ◎ less than 0.5 μL of reagent volume

      ◎ high contact angle and low background signal

      ◎ clear and  high-sensitive image

▶ Pcube chip(TM)  by SEMIONE Inc.

Hybrid array chip for fluorescence detection 

Pcube chip(TM) - Amine chip

Hybrid array chip for SERS detection 

Pcube chip(TM) - Gold chip

▶ Hydrophobic/Hydrophilic hybrid-patterned array Pcube chip(TM)

▶ Fluorescence quenching effect of introduced metal film

    1.  Cy5-BSA solution incubation for 30min

    2. Wach with PBS solution

    3. Fluorescence scan GenePix4000B

▶ Fluorescence images of ANG immunoassay using a Pcube chip(TM)

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